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Top Stories for September 10, 2014

Group to file suit against commissioner

By Dee Ann Campbell
Sun-Advocate Publisher

BUTLER – The Choctaw County Concerned Citizens Group has announced intentions to file a lawsuit against District 1 Commissioner Tony Cherry over some $500 in mileage reimbursement claims he turned into the county for miles traveled over a threeweek period.

During the September 9th meeting of the County Commission, Concerned Citizens’ Group spokesperson John A. Boney of Butler told the board that the group intends to file suit against Cherry based on statutes within the new Unit System law that went into effect on July 1.


Engineer lists plans for road maintenance

By Dee Ann Campbell Sun-Advocate Publisher

BUTLER — $30 million.
According to Choctaw County Engineer Jason Sturdivant, that’s how much it would take to complete the resurfacing of roads that need addressing in Choctaw County.
But with only $1.4 million allotted in the county’s annual budget for the road and bridge department – and a portion of that money allocated to salaries and benefits for workers and other mandatory expenditures — the task seems daunting.
Shady Grove. Branch. Brightwater. Ararat. Mt. Olive. Bailey Road. Riderwood. Ask local drivers to name the worst roads in Choctaw County and the list seems endless.
From district to district, the need for road repair and resurfacing is one of the most talked about issue facing the county.
And it is, perhaps, the primary reason why more than 70% of voters opted for the new unit system of government that was approved on June 3.
With the implementation of the new system, residents are looking for progress, hoping to see changes take place with plans of action that make sense.
“I understand why people are skeptical,” Sturdivant said.
“They want to see something being done.” Sturdivant says that changes are coming, but residents should be patient with the progress.
“There will be more paving over the next year than in any year in the history of the county – by a long shot,” he said.
Under the Unit System, road maintenance is approached from a countywide perspective.
While commissioners continue to evaluate the needs of the roads in their districts, those needs are reported to the county engineer, and decisions are then made regarding which roads throughout the county should be addressed first.

Portion of Ararat Road to be closed on September 11

ARARAT -- A portion o f Ararat Road will be closed to traffic on September 11 from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. in order for geological investigations to be done on the road.
County engineer Jason Sturdivant said that the area involved includes the portion near little Tallawampa Creek Bridge.

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